january recap


I'd like to start a new series where I just casually discuss what's going on in my life lately (like I did a few months ago here). These are the things that I text/email my close friends about so I thought it'd be fun to write them down in one place. Selfishly, these posts are also so much fun for me to look back on as time goes on. So here are the very random thoughts going on in my brain, for a snapshot of what my life is like right now...


Paperwork for Rooney's kindergarten registration. Class of 2030 has a cool ring to it, doesn't it? I am excited for her, but it's also surreal to think we'll have a kid in school. I feel like it's the next level of parenting. I'm also nervous about her riding the bus! :-/


The Daddy Daughter Dance this Friday! It's always a fun night for Eric and Roo. We've got her dress, tights and shoes all picked out!


Rooney with a few options for her first "friend" birthday party. She turns 5 in March and has been telling me about the five friends she wants to invite. We'll see if she can make up her mind on where to have the party!


What we'll wear for our family photos with Haverlee next month. She asked if she could come to our home and photograph us for practice. Um, YES!


I would love a pair of black jogger pants that can be styled up for work. Any leads?


A jury duty term. I was summoned last summer but was able to defer it til now because of breastfeeding. I'm nervous - what do I need to know?


My last purchase was a blanket scarf from Mainstream Boutique (this one is very similar).


Our vehicles hang on for a few more years. They are both fairly old (2006 & 1998). Eric still drives the two-door car I drove in high school! The door makes a popping sound when you open it, the floor sometimes gets wet when it rains, it has a salvaged title, you have to use a different key to open the door than you do to start the car, and don't even ask what you have to do to get the key out of the ignition. So many quirks! But we drive used vehicles because they are depreciating assets and it makes our other financial goals possible. (You can read more about our financial journey here.) Still, there's a need for reliability...here's to hoping I can drive that awesome rusty mini van a few more years!


A trip to Chicago in April! I need your recommendations, please! We'll be there for four nights, and Eric has a work conference so I'll basically be by myself in the city for two and a half days. What do I need to eat/see/do? Most important: where are the best donuts and crepes? :-)


To the Owl City station on Pandora.


This steak recipe a lot lately. Our kids love it! If you have ever been to Northwestern Steakhouse in Mason City, Iowa, it tastes very similar! Using fresh Parmesan takes it up a notch, too!


Peek-a-boo with Finch.


It was spring. But it was 45 degrees today! (Yes, that is "warm"!)


Charleston, South Carolina. We've been there twice and absolutely love it. I want to go back to see our friends and take our kids to the beach. It will happen! Just not exactly sure when :-)


This Is Us. I love that show! Please tell me you're watching. The writing and acting are so, so good.

We also enjoyed The Crown on Netflix and The Age of Adaline on Amazon Prime. I keep hearing good things about The Man in the High Castle. What are you watching?


The ages of our kids. 1.5 and almost 5 = REAL GOOD.


On a blog redesign with my designer, Joa. She's amazing if you need any website or blog work done! I don't want a magazine-type site that some blogs are moving to, but would love to get more posts displaying on the home page for better accessibility. Stay tuned!


If I should ombre my hair again. I kind of miss it, but Eric's not a fan...


This Pikibu large rear-view mirror so I can see both kids when I'm driving.


cardigan: Madewell / shirt: Anthropologie / jeans:   Level 99   / shoes: DSW

cardigan: Madewell / shirt: Anthropologie / jeans: Level 99 / shoes: DSW

hat: Madewell / jacket: Madewell ( similar ) / sweater: H&M / leggings:  M.Rena  via  Mainstream Boutique  / shoes:  J.Crew

hat: Madewell / jacket: Madewell (similar) / sweater: H&M / leggings: M.Rena via Mainstream Boutique / shoes: J.Crew

That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions you want me to answer next month!