jeans and a t-shirt

when: wednesday, may 18, 2011

what i wore:

glasses: charlotte russe

t-shirt: american apparel

cardigan: american apparel

jeggings: american eagle

shoes: TOMS

where: work, grocery store, grill out with friends

wow, you guys. yesterday i expected you to compliment my outfit because you felt sorry for me, but i’m really glad you didn’t. what i got was way better: a whole lot of love for me and NOT my clothes.

and i’m so thankful.

it’s good to keep everything in perspective and remember why i read blogs and love the blogging community. you guys are the best. but please don’t make me tear up ever again. :)

i’m still working through my outfit-inspiration-drought, but i’m not giving up on this little blog i created and love so much. (and monkeyface, i love you back!)

i keep thinking about why i started this blog, and will share it with you someday, but what i want to say today is that i didn’t expect blogging to be another avenue of self-discovery. before i had this blog, i thought about what i wore, but not as much as i do now. and i’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but what i do know is that my outfits have changed quite a bit since last october, and i’m still discovering my voice and my style. i know it’s called snappy casual, but i’m still playing around with what it looks like.

thanks for listening. writing is my therapy.

the journey continues…meantime, i’m quite pleased with my simple jeans and a t-shirt.