Ledges State Park


Ledges State Park has been on our adventure wish list for several years, but it felt so intimidating! We asked our close friends for their tips, and lucky for us they said, "How about we just all go together?" We somehow picked a day with perfect weather, and it was so much fun!

One of the main attractions, besides the beauty of the ledges themselves, is Peas Creek that flows through the park and actually crosses over the road in five places. We set up camp with lawn chairs and beach toys near the middle crossover point and didn't wander too far from there, only walking through the shallow streams a bit in both directions.

Finch loved throwing rocks into the water, and Rooney loved building a dam with rocks and playing "restaurant" with her friends. They served delicious "chocolate milk"! :-) It makes it extra fun when your kids play well with your friends' kids!

I would recommend getting there early in the day (I was surprised at how busy it got in the afternoon). Here are a few pictures of our day!


At lunchtime we enjoyed a picnic in one of the clearings. Our friends have four kids and were so smart to bring along a potty chair along for the kids to use throughout the day (it was great except for that time when Finch tried to wear it as a hat...ha!). It was fun to give our kids a different kind of adventure, as we don't get out in nature as much as we should. Believe it or not, this was the first time I've ever had to put bug spray on our kids!


Two things to note:

  • The one-way road (Canyon Drive) that curves through the park is currently closed due to roadway failure. We didn't realize this before we left our house, so we parked at the bottom (west side) and it was a little more walking than we expected, but not too bad. One good thing about the road being closed was that we didn't have to worry about traffic while in the park, but I hope they are able to repair the road so we can drive through and see more of the park someday.
  • There is very little cell service inside the park, as it's in a valley. Don't plan on being able to call or text anyone once you're in!

Isn't it stunning? We were there for seven hours and then both our kids fell asleep in the car on the drive home. It was such a fun outing! I know we only saw a fraction of the park, so I'd love to hear your tips for next time! I would like to check out the hiking trails, and we may even get brave and camp overnight!