show and tell: linda from little tin soldier

my beautiful friend linda puts her heart on her blog a few sentences at a time, and if you’re not careful you will fall in love with her creative and caring heart. when we met, our chat was brief but foretelling that we would be the best of friends if only we lived closer. case in point: the other day she sent me a message saying that her car was in the shop and she needed to go to target so would i come pick her up. i so wish there weren’t 15 hours between us so i could have. for now, we’ll have to rely on facebook…

Good morning from the Lone Star State! I’m Linda from Little Tin Soldier. Kelsey and I met in March at the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin. Since then, we’ve become fast friends. Kelsey would be my “little sister” if TXSCC worked like a sorority. She gets carefully selected hand-me-downs from my closet, and we don’t have any hazing rituals (besides making her fly to Texas). All in all, it’s a sweet deal!

Kelsey asked me to choose one of my favorite outfits from Snappy Casual and draw her a paper doll like I post on my blog. I’m surprising her with two paper dolls: big sister and little sister in our best snappy ensembles!

What does “snappy casual” mean to me? I think snappy casual is lighthearted and modern. It’s the way you’d dress to meet your friend for lunch, snow cones and a stop by Target. Can you guess what we’ll do the next time she’s in town?