take me back

when: saturday, june 18, 2011

what i wore:
t-shirt: c/o raygun
cardigan: american apparel
jeans: abercrombie & fitch cutoffs, DIY
shoes: converse via target

where: shopping mall

these jeans take me back…all the way to spring break 2005. i went to san diego with a few friends and bought these babies for $88 with my dad’s credit card. (i only remember because i feel guilty.)

and then, sadly, they shrunk in the wash and became too short for these legs.

so they got pushed aside for many years, until i had a budget instead of a credit card that someone else paid off, and i really wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans.


» what i learned today, though, is that i prefer to wear these with heels (to dress them up a bit), otherwise i really do feel like i’m still in college. kind of slouchy, you know?