style icon: nana

the other day, i was thinking about where i got my love for fashion.

meet my nana (my mom’s mom):

i found this photo in my baby book. i don’t remember seeing it before, but now i can’t stop staring. in the photo, i’m almost a year old, so at this point my nana had five grandchildren (and she birthed five children herself).

isn’t she fabulously timeless? she should be in a magazine (or lucille ball’s stand-in).

i love her red accents (shirt, nails, lips) and the popped collar. and the layering. i’m starting to wonder if she still owns this shirt…i bet i could borrow a bunch of great stuff from her.

i rarely see her without red lipstick or heels. (seriously. we took a trip to new york and she walked all over that city in heels.) and don’t get me started on her hair. or her leather pants. or her love for zebra print (we’re talking zebra carpet, people).

she is 100% fabulous.

but my favorite part is her generous heart. she is the kindest lady and has taught me so much about love.

i love you, nana!