capitol hill, Washington, D.C.

when: friday, nov. 25, 2011

what i wore:

where: u.s. capitol, national mall

i’m kind of in love with this outfit…so much so that i’m pretty sure i wore it three times in the past week. my secret’s safe with you, right? you got a sneak peek of it in my packing post. turns out preplanning all my vacation outfits was the best idea ever. :) it was totally no-fuss. eric and i were able to share a bag, and i wore almost everything i brought. that never happens.

oh, and i wanted to mention my new frames…you know i love fake glasses and for some reason i’ve been on a red kick lately. i love how these add an extra pop to my outfit! they are going to be great for the holidays.

and, my niece myah was pretty proud of her colorful striped sweater and wanted to show it off. she thought i would really like it, which i do, but i made sure to tell her that i love her in whatever she wears. she is a little fashionista! she told me twice the day before that she really liked my boots and that she wants some and so does her mom…and she also wants to get her ears pierced for christmas. :)