our Boji trip


A few weeks ago we spent a week at my grandparents' lake house in Okoboji. I've been there every summer as far back as I can remember, and even after traveling to many amazing places, it remains my favorite place on Earth. It just holds so many memories for me (and Eric!), and to get to share it with our kids is absolutely incredible. We had so much fun that we decided we need to go back at least two more times this summer!

I've listed the highlights below, but my favorite part of the trip this year was brunch at O'Farrell Sisters! It's a historic restaurant and is such a cute little place. I remember going there as a young girl, but for some reason we eventually just kind of stopped going. Eric had actually never heard of it, and we've been going to Okoboji together for 13 years! So we decided this year we needed to go. It's typically a very busy place, but we were there just before noon on a Thursday so we had no trouble getting a seat! It was so yummy. They call the pancakes "Famous Cakes" for a reason! We will definitely make this a regular stop in the future.

Most Notable Moments (good & bad)

  • Trying a new route to get there to save 4 whole minutes...and then realizing that was a silly idea because we had to keep checking the map
  • Rooney taking 667 (!!!) photos of herself on my phone on the drive
  • Finchy's first birthday, first donut, first Nutty Bar and first amusement park rides (train and Spin the Apple) - all in the same day!
  • Rooney trying two new rides at Arnolds Park: the swings (which ended up being her favorite) and bumper cars
  • Finchy watching the go carts fly by and getting so excited
  • Checking out the Spillway and the Fish Hatchery
  • Trying to keep Finch from climbing all the stairs in the cabin
  • Annual cousins picture on the rock - no one cried this year, which might have been a first
  • Watching HGTV all week, and America's Got Talent
  • Rooney's epic temper tantrum at Pizza Ranch
  • Finch's first boat ride, and him immediately falling asleep in Eric's arms
  • Rooney saying she would get in the lake and then actually doing it!
  • Finch and Rooney standing together at the front of the pontoon
  • Several trips to The Sugar Shack and Goodies Handmade Candies
  • Rooney getting a splinter in her foot from the dock...and it taking three of us to hold her down to get it out :-(
  • My first time eating at the new Okoboji Store
  • Having an awesome night of mini golfing planned, and then as I was putting Finch to bed Rooney came down with a 102 fever :-(
  • Going back to our normal route on the drive home and Finchy not needing to stop at all on the 3.5-hour ride!

And now for a massive photo dump...click on any photo to make it bigger!

past Okoboji trips:
2013  /  2014  /  2015

And Rooney standing by the front door the past three years...