pattern play



sweatshirt: H&M
dress: H&M
socks: RUUM
shoes: Converse

How sweet is this picture of my little girl? She has really become interested in having her picture taken lately, which just melts my heart. I really want her to grow up to be creative, and that definitely plays out in the outfits I choose for her. My favorite thing when dressing her right now is to combine patterns. Florals and leopard and polka dots...she pulls it off no problem.

She wore this cute outfit on a recent #wednesdayswithrooney (I work four days a week and hang out with her on Wednesdays, which is so awesome). Her new thing, thanks to The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, is to say, "I wanna go on an adventure!" So we jump in our Thingamajigger, and we're off to the library or playground or cupcake store for a special treat. It's the best day of the week for sure.