{giveaway} paul frank sunglasses! [CLOSED]

it’s officially my birthweek! whoop! and to celebrate, one of YOU is getting these rad sunglasses!

these babies are awesome. i wish i could add them to my collection, but i’m excited to spread the amazing-ness to you. these frames are called lovers in the springtime and retail for $126. they are handmade and hypoallergenic and sturdy and amazing. and they come in that awesome white case, too.

{if you have a narrow face, no fear: they can be heated (with a hair dryer) and molded to fit any face. eric has a baby face so he does it to all of his and it totally works.}

TO ENTER, you must do one of these things. post a comment for each one you do: 1. like snappy casual on facebook. 2. follow me on twitter. 3. subscribe to my rss feed. 4. subscribe to receive my blog posts via email. 5. follow me on bloglovin’.

i’ll announce the winner next week. if you don’t win, you can enter to win a pair from @paulfrankopto each week on twitter:

this contest is open to u.s. residents until monday, oct. 3, 2011, at 9 p.m. cstthe total number of possible entries is 5 (one of each of the possible ways to enter); you must post separate comments for each entry.

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