the post-30 for 30 depression


tuesday, dec. 14, 2010

the look:

shirt: zoey (anthropologie)

sweater: sparrow (anthropologie)

belt: target

jeans: banana republic

boots: walmart 


work, errands

no one warned me about the post-30 for 30 depression. you might think i’m being dramatic, but i’m sure other remixers can back me up. well, maybe depression is too strong of a word. (it’s only been a week, and i seem to be coming out of it.) today i’m finally ready to post another outfit.

after the challenge, i was overwhelmed with the endless outfit possibilities of all my clothes, so i reverted to old outfits that lacked creativity. bad idea for my self-confidence. but my mind needed a break. now, i honestly feel like i’m ready for another remix. i just need to push myself to be creative until kendi organizes another one. it looks like she has been blogging for only a year and this was her third remix.

(i know these boots aren’t the most fashionable, but in iowa in december they are almost required. brrr!)

my first purchase since the 30-for-30 shopping ban was this silly panda hat. remember this from my post-birthday/pre-Christmas wish list? it’s sold out at urban outfitters, but i found this one at claire’s for half the price! my husband thinks it’s really funny when i put it over my face like this: