thoughts on mom-style.

only five weeks until my due date! once i’m out of the hospital (where i plan to wear leggings and loose tops), i’m not sure how long it will take me to feel like putting on a real outfit.

and by real outfit, i mean jeans and a cute top.

it may be weeks, or months(?!), and i’m sure i’ll only have it on for a couple hours, but i’m already looking forward to it. i picture myself wearing this while on maternity leave, visiting eric at work and showing off our little girl to the rest of our co-workers.

» you might recognize a couple of these things from my christmas list.


  • i think getting dressed after she’s here might actually be tougher than dressing a baby bump. mostly because of nursing and finding time to put together an outfit. luckily i have my blog archive to pull ideas from, and i’ll be forced to get dressed so i can have blog content. right?
  • i think that having a baby and being a mom will change my style. it already has a little bit. i have decided to make sure i’m more modest and not wear anything that’s too short. i’ve already donated some items that eric and i decided a mom should not wear :) i know my sister will call me out on it, too. that’s what sisters are for, right?
  • as a mom i want to look put-together and beautiful and effortlessly fashionable. ha…maybe i’m dreaming. but i hope getting dressed will be something that i can look forward to that makes me feel like myself and ready to tackle the day with baby in tow!

question: how long after she’s born should i fit into my old clothes? at 35 weeks i can still force my jeans to button—although i don’t put myself through that misery—so i’m crossing my fingers that they’ll fit as soon as i’m interested in wearing them…?)