Rooney, 28 months

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clothing size: 2T-4T
diaper size: 5
shoe size: 8-9


  • Loves underdogs, Elmo, puzzles and the color orange
  • Dislikes anything to do with touching her hair, strangers and having her diaper changed
  • Can roll her tongue
  • Loves to sing; "Baby Bumblebee" is her favorite and we have two versions that we sing with different hand movements.
  • Is tall enough to turn off/on the lights
  • Favorite shows: Jake and the Never Land Pirates, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, "Choo Choo" (The Little Engine That Could), Frozen, America's Got Talent ("I want more dancing song"), and Sesame Street
  • Survived four days alone with mommy while daddy was in Nashville
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We are loving summer and have gone on many adventures this month! We love exploring our city and trying new things!


  • Barbecue chips
  • Scotcharoo bars (aka Special K Bars)
  • Braid (by Eric's cousin Jess)
  • Sucker (after completing her sticker chart at day care for listening picking up toys)
  • Bowl of her own froyo
  • Painted toenails (pink!)
  • Sno cone
  • Strawberry picking
  • Red Vines
  • Snookies Malt Shop
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We eat dinner together as a family every night. She is a great eater. Our mealtime philosophy is to present her with foods she likes and let her regulate how much we eats. We don't ever make her take three more bites of anything. We trust her to fill her tummy with what's offered at meals and leave it at that (knowing her tummy is small and she will need snacks in between).

  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Sunflower seed butter
  • Cheddar Bunnies
  • Pancakes
  • Pretzel Crisps
  • Hamburgers
  • Pizza
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Water
  • NingXia Red (healthy juice)
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  • Bedtime: 7:45-8:30 pm
  • Night sleep: 10-12 hours (some nights it takes her a LONG time to fall asleep)
  • Morning wake time: 6:45-8:20 am
  • Nap time: 1:00-2:30 pm
  • Nap duration: 1.5-2.5 hours

Rooney's sleep patterns were completely predictable for her first two years of life. Now, I feel like I have no clue what she wants/needs! She's staying up later than I ever thought she would. We try to get her in bed by 7:45 pm, but she often has trouble falling asleep before 8:30 pm and usually calls us into her bedroom at least once. Regardless, I like to give her the opportunity to have 14 total hours of sleep per day since that is what the charts say toddlers her age need.


  • She has been healthy this month!
  • She takes a bath twice a week. She likes to play in there but she won't lay down and pouring water over her head is still a struggle every time.
  • We visit the chiropractor every week.
  • Teeth: 18. Her molars are coming in on the bottom!
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Rooney is learning new words all the time and often strings together six-word sentences. She is learning what "today" and "tomorrow" are and sometimes when I ask her questions, her answer is "Because." #sassy

See Conversations with Rooney for more things Rooney says.


  • Is shy in public but talks our ears off at home
  • Loves to do the same things over and over
  • Knows all her colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white) but she does get black and white confused sometimes
  • Knows many shapes: heart, circle, star, square, diamond
  • Can name several body parts: forehead, eyebrows, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, cheeks, hair, elbows, back, tummy, legs, toes, feet
  • Can count from 1-13 (and then proceeds to repeat 13 over and over)
  • Is such a nurturer and loves to take care of her babies. I took this 2-minute video of her playing last week:
  • Likes to draw and describes what she draws. Here is a photo of mommy, daddy and Rooney going nigh-nighs:
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  • Here is how Rooney writes her name (below her teacher's handwriting):
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Your daddy and I have been talking about giving you a sibling more this month than ever before. You seem so ready for it, the way you bring your bear to the park with you to go down the slides, and change all your babies' diapers, and put your baby in her high chair for a cupcake snack. We went to Panera the other night, and you insisted "baby" come with and that she wanted macaroni and cheese. We sat at a four-person table and "fed" her supper. I think you would really enjoy having a little friend around. Having another baby finally seems feasible and we are getting excited about the idea. I'm not sure what the timing will be, but you are going to be an amazing big sister someday. xoxo

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