short shorts



sweatshirt: Hello Apparel
shorts: Madewell
shoes: Converse


Eating: pine nut hummus!
Drinking: lots and lots of water! (we are giving up pop!)
Reading: my Twitter feed
Waiting: for this romper to arrive on my doorstep
Looking: for a book to read on our upcoming vacation (any suggestions for a good novel? maybe a love story?)
Wanting: a tropical getaway with my husband (but I would settle for a proper date night)

Playing: soccer in the driveway with Rooney
Deciding: which iPhone case to buy next (I've disliked or broken four so far)
Enjoying: the fact that Rooney has been sleeping in til 8:20 most days
Wondering: if I'm spending enough time and energy on my marriage, and when we'll have our next kid, and how Rooney would do in a movie theater
Loving: the warm weather
Watching: The Bible series
Needing: lots of alone time
Wearing: short shorts
Buying: a bunch of new finds at Trader Joe's
Desiring: a simpler life

*list idea from here