Rooney is 7!



Seven! Wow! My favorite thing about this age is the teeth. Haha! Or maybe the fact that she washed all the dishes after dinner a few nights ago. Or that she now wipes herself after using the bathroom. ;)

She often looks in the mirror and asks me if she looks like a high schooler, because she wants to look like a high schooler! Oh my goodness. Where does she get this stuff?

On her big day she woke up to rainbow streamers hanging from her bedroom doorway (a little tradition she has come to love) and a stack of small gifts (fuzzy socks, a new swimsuit, Mike ‘n’ Ikes, granola bars, a new DVD and overalls). For her birthday meals she chose breakfast at Waveland Café West, lunch at McDonald’s and then lunch the following day at Texas Roadhouse. This girl knows what she wants!

For her friend party this year, we invited a few of her besties (unfortunately one got sick and wasn’t able to make it) to a hotel for swimming, cupcakes, arcade games, pizza and a sleepover. Staying and swimming in hotels are her favorite thing, and it was a blast!


Every year since she turned 3 I have interviewed her with the same questions (I added a few more this year just for fun) … here are her answers as a 7-year-old!

  • Grade in school: First grade

  • Favorite color: Pink

  • Favorite toy: Nail polish salon kit

  • Favorite fruit: Orange

  • Favorite movie: The Lego Movie 2

  • Favorite food: Pretzels from Applebee’s

  • Favorite outfit: Hello Kitty shirt with jeans

  • Favorite game: Monopoly Junior

  • Favorite animal: Zebra

  • Favorite song: "Percy’s Pressure” (from the Small Foot soundtrack)

  • Favorite book: Pete the Cat

  • Best friend: Haddie

  • Favorite thing to do outside? Play baby game

  • Favorite drink? Raspberry lemonade

  • Favorite thing to sleep with in your bed at night: Kitty from nana

  • Favorite thing to eat on your birthday: Banana bread

  • What you want to be when you grow up? Teacher

  • What’s something you want to learn? I want to learn about animals

  • What is the best part about being 7? I’m gonna try to not lie any of the days in one whole year

  • What was your favorite memory of being 6? Okoboji

  • What are you scared of? Dogs and cats

  • Favorite chore: Dishes

  • Least favorite chore: Laundry

  • Favorite class at school: Art

  • Bedtime: 7:00 pm

  • Favorite thing to do with mommy: Play games

  • Favorite thing to do with daddy: Walk to the bus

  • Favorite thing to do with Finch: Play teenager

  • Favorite thing about yourself: My heart

  • Favorite nickname: Roon … [my bus driver] calls me that

  • Looking forward to: Not being scared of dogs anymore

  • If you could get anything for your birthday, what would it be? The new Grinch movie! I keep telling you that!

Happiest of birthdays to this awesome girl. I love you!