Okoboji 2018


In just a couple months we’ll be heading back to our favorite place (although right now it’s hard to believe summer will ever come), but first I wanted to share some photos from our (three! awesome!) visits there last year. Our longest trip was nine nights and it still wasn’t enough. We all just love this place!

The best part about being in Okoboji is how time slows down as soon as we arrive ... we get settled into the cabin, the cousins start playing, the adults catch up, we take each day as it comes, we do puzzles, we watch Fixer Upper marathons and America’s Got Talent … it is just dreamy.


All seven of these kids get along so well! What a joy it is to watch them make memories together. I have so many childhood memories here and now seeing my children create their own…it is magical.



Now that the kids are a little older (Finch is the youngest at 3), we are able to eat out a bit more easily than we could a few years ago. There are a lot of great options in ‘Boji, but we still love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnic on the boat.


  • Boating to the Sugar Shack (why did it take us years to think of this?)

  • Making the most of a rainy day with Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook at the Boji Bantam Children's Theatre and then Incredibles 2 in the movie theater

  • Pizza on the boat

  • Getting a lily pad (a floating mat for the lake)

  • Two rounds of mini golf

  • Finch falling asleep on me on the boat

  • Eric making fresh lemonades

  • New carousel, big wooden slide and other upgrades at Arnolds Park Amusement Park

  • Kari cutting and serving watermelon in watermelon bowls to all the kids in the watermelon-decorated kitchen

  • Going to the park in our pajamas

  • Rooney going to church camp for two nights!

  • Eric and I entering a best shot tournament with Finch in tow (we didn’t golf well but had a lot of fun)

And now a massive photo dump of all the moments I don’t want to forget:

We are counting down the days!