Rooney's Easter basket


shoessunglasses / jellies / fox socks

I've never done an Easter basket for Rooney before, partly because I knew she wouldn't know the difference at such a young age, and also because our moms have always each done one for her. But this year I really wanted to put one together, as an excuse to buy her a few fun new things (stuff I probably would have bought anyway, but wanting her to learn that she sometimes has to wait for holidays for things she needs/wants), and because I know she will think it's totally fun! We have been talking about how the Easter bunny might bring her some new sunglasses, which she really needs for our walks to the park! I also can't wait to fill some eggs with candy and hide them around the house for her to find. I always loved the Easter egg hunt my parents would put together for me and my siblings!

Do you have any fun Easter traditions you do with your family?