conversations with Rooney / 09


Could you use a laugh today? I sure could. We have been struggling with Rooney staying in her bed at night. Mostly in the first hour after we put her to bed, but also in the middle of the night. I'm talking 14 times in an hour - every four minutes! It has really cut into our evening time as a couple and has been pretty frustrating. She used to sleep so awesome! She has only been in her big girl bed for three weeks and I know this too shall pass, but we don't seem to be making much progress. We feel like we have tried everything (telling her the rules up front, keeping a sleep log, being sweet, being stern, being silent, not looking her in the eye, keeping it dark, promising donuts for breakfast, later bedtime, earlier bedtime, earlier nap, no nap, shutting the door, leaving the door open, stuffed animal, night light...). I think our next plan of action is a longer, more detailed bedtime routine, and if that doesn't work, I'm not above putting a baby gate in her doorway. :-) Definitely open to hearing what has worked for you, too!

In the meantime, here are a few cute things Rooney's said lately that made me smile...


"Those are very nice boobs."

While eating queso: "You just drip the drip off so it doesn't drip."

Looking at our ultrasound pictures: "It costs a hundred dollars!"

"Hey mom, what was your favorite part of the day? Playing outside with the toys?"

Rooney: "Mom, can I feel the baby?"
Me: "Of course!"
Rooney: "Whoa, that's big!"
Me: "I know, and it's so hard!"
Rooney: "Are you tired?"
Me: "I am tired!"
Rooney: "OK, you can go lay on the couch." 

"Mom I'm hungry. What can I have in the car that isn't messy?"

"I have the hookups!" (hiccups)

"I like cookies to the moon and back."

"Actually I don't need a spoon."

"Actually I don't need to go potty."

"I'm gonna get my fox shoes on before my baby brudder comes."

Eating chips: "This one looks like a T-shirt!" *takes a bite* "Now it's a tank top!"

"Mmm! Markers smell good!"

"Who's really hungry in their mouth? Me!"

"Mom! I missed you so give me your hand. How is your life? What is your favorite part?"

"GUYS! GUYS! Slooooow down. You're really loud."

"Guys! Look at my eyes. Use your inside boices (voices), OK?" 

Rooney: "What old are these pants?"
Me: "Um, 4T."
Rooney: "Am I gonna be 4?"
Me: "No, you're just really tall."

Rooney: "After school, what?"
Me: "After school we'll go home and eat supper!"
Rooney: "And after supper, what?"
Me: "Maybe seek-and-hide or coloring?"
Rooney: "Coloring! And then after coloring, what?"
Me: "Well, today's pajama day so you'll already have your pajamas on, so we can watch a show."
Rooney: "And after watch a show, what?"
Me: "Then it will be time for bed. Nigh-nighs."
Rooney: "Yay!!!"

"You're 30??? That's a lot of fingers!"

"No talking with your mouth with food!"

"Tickle my turkey toms!"

Me: "Oh man, my back hurts."
Rooney: "Your baby needs a cookie!"

To the baby: "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

"I want 'All About the Bass' and Abby Abby and Elsa and Anna to come to my house, because they are beautiful. And Olaf is funny so he can come too."

Me, on a Wednesday morning: "It's Mommy & Rooney Day!"
Rooney: "Nuh-uh. Daddy's still here." 

Me: "You smell like peanut butter."
Rooney: "Mommy, let me smell you." *sniffs* "You're my favorite kind."
Me: "What do I smell like?"
Rooney: "Strawberry!"

Me: "Did you poop?"
Rooney: "Stop! Don't worry about me - worry about yourself!"

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