sibling snapshot

all photos by Shandy Mikkelsen

all photos by Shandy Mikkelsen

I used to do monthly updates on the kids, and I personally love looking back at those posts and seeing what they were doing at certain ages. It’s been a while, so I wanted to jot down some thoughts about what Rooney and Finch are up to right now. Because this is my favorite stage ever. I mean, this week I found myself waiting for Rooney to get off the bus so she could "watch" Finch while I took a shower. They are the best of friends, and I love it.

ROONEY, age 5½


This girl loves kindergarten and has made a bunch of new friends, which makes my heart so happy ... I can't believe she is almost halfway done with her first year of grade school! Her favorite special is music and she is learning to read and write (I think invented spelling is my absolute favorite thing about this age). She has a PhD in big sisterhood — Finch calls her "Rooney Mommy" because he thinks she is his second mom (which is usually quite handy, like when she yells, "Mom, you better come see what Finch did!”).

She is very tall for her age (50" tall and 50 pounds). She told me the only sport she wants to play is volleyball, which is fine by me (it was my favorite sport to play), and I can't wait to take her to a game this fall. She does not love bath days but has come a long way with getting her head wet (no more tears!). She loves to-do lists, routines and knowing what is coming next. She would eat banana bread every morning and hot dogs every night if we let her. She loves art: painting, crafts and drawing rainbows. Her favorite color is hot pink, and her favorite song is "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift. She has lost two teeth all on her own (no pulling allowed). When she wants to tell us something that might make us unhappy, she says "You might not wanna hear it; wanna hear it?"

I always wanted a daughter, and she is a dream come true.

Finch, age 2½

Finch is “wonderbul,” as he is fond of saying. He is a 2-year-old trapped in a 4-year-old’s body at 40" tall and 40 pounds. He is just a big ball of love and loves to make people laugh. He says "let's cuddle" and gives the best hugs. His “cheese” smile (as seen in the photo at the top) melts my heart. He is a social butterfly, says hi to everyone he meets and remembers people's names. He is very charismatic and I often wonder if he will be a politician, or maybe a professional athlete (you should see his somersault). Or maybe he will participate in eating contests, as I am impressed daily with his appetite. His favorite food is dip ... it doesn't matter what kind, but sour cream might be his favorite (he has been known to dip chocolate chip cookies in it).

His current favorite song is "Go Tell It on the Mountain" in which he repeats the same three lines over and over. He talks in full sentences, knows all his colors, can sing the A, B, Cs and counts to 13. His favorite animals are walruses and sea lions, and he knows the names of all the PAW Patrol characters (Ruble, the bulldog, is his favorite).

I never knew I wanted a son, but he adds so much joy to my life. I think everyone could use a dose of Finch in their lives.