2017 recap

Snappy new year! 2017 was great. Not perfect, but definitely great. We all turned a year older, which I count as a blessing. I don't know about you, but when my babies turn 2, I start to breathe a bit more easily as their needs are not quite as demanding. I want to be a fun mom, but sometimes I get overwhelmed from the two little people who need me ;-)

I love looking back each year to see what we accomplished — it's amazing how the days and weeks can at times feel slow and mundane, and also how quickly 365 days add up and pretty soon we've got another year of memories to keep forever.


  1. Are we done having kids?
  2. PTO (Parent Time Off)
  3. Our home office!
  4. My two favorite photo editing apps
  5. Rooney's first broken bone
  6. Back-to-school style
  7. My Christmas list
  8. Rooney's Christmas list
  9. The one about bra fittings
  10. Easter 2017


  • Hotel waterpark weekend
  • Kid-less trip to Chicago
  • Rooney's preschool graduation
  • New and growing friendships (for all of us!)
  • Finch learning to ride a bike
  • Two family trips to Okoboji
  • Exploring Ledges State Park
  • Spending a weekend in Jester Park
  • Nite Glow at the National Balloon Classic
  • Rooney's first day of kindergarten
  • Our first time at the Omaha Zoo (blog post coming soon!)
  • Road trip to the Field of Dreams movie site
  • Rooney learning to read
  • Camping with Eric's family
  • Orchard trip
  • Rooney losing her first (and second) tooth
  • Our 11th wedding anniversary trip to Minneapolis
  • Fall hayrack ride with friends
  • Weaning Finch after 2.5 years (which really deserves its own post!)
  • Lots of cousin time


  • Unexpected car repairs this summer
  • Two broken bones — in the same week! Rooney broke her clavicle and I broke a rib just a few days later


  • Finch starting preschool
  • Hamilton musical
  • At least one vehicle purchase
  • Becoming debt-free (again)
  • Finishing the Bible (it's taken me YEARS)
  • No more diapers?!!!!

Cheers to 2018!