are you a smart shopper?

i went shopping with my sister today (more to come on that later) to help her find some fun and fashionable tops. we have different body shapes and styles so we had never been shopping just the two of us before (crazy, right?!). i don’t have a fashion degree, but i was more than happy to offer my opinion and make encourage her to try on some stuff she might not have looked twice at.

in the past year i have become a very picky shopper. i only buy dreams. this has partly to do with my budget but more to do with the fact that i’ve read two style books, remixed three times and cleaned out my closet twice. for some reason i think we talk ourselves into things that don’t look that great or isn’t exactly what we’re looking for because we’re just so excited to buy something NEW.

here are a couple resources that have helped me shop smarter:

  1. erin loechner’s $100 rule for impulse shoppers.
  2. kendi skeen’s shopping tips.
  3. jessica quirk’s book, what i wore.

i also think it’s crucial to make needs and wants lists before you go shopping so you can stay focused once you’re in a store.

what shopping tips or resources do you have?