18 weeks

i turn a new week on sundays, but it took me a while to get these photos edited and ready. so today i’m actually 18.5 weeks.

when: monday, oct. 10, 2011

what i wore:

shirt: h&m

cardigan: american apparel

necklace: pandora (gift)

jeggings: american eagle

shoes: isaac mizrahi for target

where: work, bunco 

  • we had an appointment yesterday with our midwife. my belly is measuring as it should and the baby’s heartbeat was around 140 bpm.
  • the baby is now about the length of a large pickle! how convenient since i have a huge jar of them in my fridge…
  • total weight gain so far: four pounds. i was really relieved to hear this since i have been eating quite a bit more than usual. i was thinking i hadn’t really grown too much, but i think these photos tell a different story!
  • by a miracle, my jeans were somehow buttoned in these photos. that hasn’t happened in weeks!
  • i am feeling really blessed that everything has been going smooth. i have lots of friends who are pregnant right now, and almost all of them have had scares or really sad things happen. i don’t know why this is, but we are so thankful for our little gift.
  • whoa, hot flashes! i used to be cold blooded, but now there are times when i get so hot and light-headed that i feel like i might pass out. it almost always happens in the car. i’m better after a drink of water, deep breaths and some moving air, though!
  • i haven’t been sleeping as well lately. i’ll wake up after crazy dreams and then i can’t fall back asleep because my mind is racing or i’m hot or uncomfortable. i’ve also had to stop sleeping on my stomach in the past week. i’m sad about it, but i don’t have much of a choice because it’s just getting too uncomfortable and i feel so much activity (gas bubbles, baby moving?) when i lay on my stomach. it kind of tickles and i just can’t sleep like that! but i’m happy i made it this long and i hope to get used to sleeping on my side so i can start sleeping a bit better.
  • as a result, i have been pretty tired lately. i know this is a typical side effect of pregnancy, but it wasn’t as bad a few weeks ago. i’ve found that i must have lights out by 9 p.m. or i can totally feel it the next day.

i know there are people who have stopped reading my blog because they can’t have kids and it is too painful to read of my weekly updates. i understand. and i read stories like this and my heart breaks and my mind turns of how lucky we are, although it took us many months to conceive.

i know it may seem at times like i am complaining about what it feels like to be pregnant, but i assure you that i am not. i just want to have a journal of sorts so i can remember for next time (if we are so blessed) and also because i think it’s important for women to share the joys and unpleasant surprises along the journey. we owe it to each other to be real, dontcha think?