summer bucket list


Happy first day of summer! I’m currently in Okoboji (my happy place) for a long weekend with my mom and sister. We’ve never done a girls’ weekend together and it’s been wonderful to have no car seats, kids or alarm clocks for a couple nights!

Here’s what else is on my (short and sweet) bucket list for this summer:

  1. Deck nights with Eric

  2. Fruit picking

  3. Farmers’ market

  4. Family bike ride to an ice cream shop

  5. Family bike ride to dinner

  6. Chicken tender night at Barn Town Brewing

  7. Mini golf

  8. Family vacation in Okoboji

  9. Iowa State Fair

  10. Cousin swim day

  11. Black Cat Ice Cream

  12. National Balloon Classic

  13. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

  14. Make fresh lemonade

  15. Evening boat ride

  16. Nerds ice cream

  17. Fox Creek Park splash pad

  18. Visit the sunflower fields

That’s it! Most of these things are not new things but rather things we love that have become summer traditions.

What’s on your bucket list this summer?