Finch says funny things // 2


I just have to share a few of the hilarious things that have come out of this little boy’s mouth over the past few months. Where does he get this stuff?

While playing with a shepherd from his nativity set: “This is Jesus’ babysitter!”

When he wants to say something but someone else is talking: “Stop erupting me! I have to tell you a question!” (erupting = interrupting)

While eating a sausage: “Hey this is the shape as a platypus’ tail!”

To Eric, who was clipping Finch’s toenails (Finch’s least favorite thing): “You’re on the naughty list!”

Me: “I need to clip your fingernails.”
Finch: “Wait! These fingernails protect me so I can peel oranges!”

Rooney: “Finch, did you toot?”
Finch: “No … I farted!” (this exchange occurred in a restaurant and he was not quiet)

Finch: “Look! For 10 months I’ve been doing the laundry.”
Me: “Where’s all the laundry you did?”
Finch: “I left them in the washer.”

His cousin Maysen: “Are you full?”
Finch: “No, I’m 3 and a half!”

Me: “How long have you been in the bath?”
Finch: “So many questions…” 

Finch: “What if I ate a lion and then I turned into a lion?”
Rooney: “Then I wouldn’t want to be your sister.”
Finch: “Then you can go to the brother store and get another brother.”

When someone thought he was 6 years old: “I’m just a big boy ... I’m big and funny!”

Me: “Let’s share an M&M blizzard.”
Finch: “No! I don’t like M&Ms anymore! I’m allergic to them now!”

After noticing an elderly lady with gray hair riding a bike: “Look! She knows how to ride her bike without training wheels!”

I see Finch wiggling around, picking what appears to be a wedgie:
Me: “Is your booty OK?”
Finch: “My clothes are stuck to my butt!”

After overhearing a somewhat tense conversation between Eric and I: “You’re the boss of daddy!”

To the IHOP waitress when I was away on a girls’ weekend: “We have a mom but she’s lost.”

Uncle C: “How’d ya sleep last night, Finch?”
Finch: “Kinda rough ... I broke my penis!”

Does your kid say funny things, too? I’d love to hear!