Things to Do (for Yourself) Before Baby Comes

"Do something nice for yourself" is something that I keep seeing on my baby checklist. Sometimes I brush it off and sometimes I actually do it. While I have done all the things listed below, I don't think I have gone overboard. This a really special time in our lives (expecting our first child) and Eric and I seem to understand that at a deep level even though we rarely talk about it. We have splurged more on restaurant and  quick-service meals (as our budget allows) and actually saw a movie in the theater for the first time in years.

1st Trimester

  • Have date night with your partner every week. Seriously. We did it, starting the day after we found out we were pregnant. I think subconsciously we're celebrating the end of our time as a family of two.
  • Spend one whole day in bed, watching TV (I suggest Parenthood) or movies or whatever you want.
  • Get a pedicure. I went with my life group girls and it was glorious.

2nd Trimester

  • Sleep until noon. Or 1 p.m., if you're an over-achiever like me. :)
  • Go to a late-night movie with friends. We had to prove it to ourselves that we could still do it. Ha. Just make sure to plan on a three-hour nap the next day...
  • Go to a marriage retreat. We suggest the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember, offered nationwide. Check out a list of the conference locations. If you register using the group name WORDSOFWILLIAMS, you’ll receive a 50% off coupon code for your Weekend to Remember registration (the coupon code does not expire).
  • Take a trip. Although it wasn't a relaxing or romantic trip, we went to Washington, D.C., with my family at 24 weeks. (I would not suggest going any later than this, unless it is a relaxing vacation. All the walking was kind of tough on my body.)

3rd Trimester

  • Take a few days off work. If you can afford to, I got a lot of peace of mind when we had 11 days off in a row around Christmas, half of which were spent just the two of us in our house, nesting.
  • Listen to the quiet. I'm having more trouble falling asleep now, but I just lay and listen to the quiet. There is no baby monitor, no little baby fusses, no crying. It is so peaceful.
  • Sleep in!
  • Slow down! With all the baby classes, prenatal checkups, baby showers, etc., you'll be attending, the calendar can get full very quickly. Especially in the last couple months. I made it a rule to not schedule too much in a given week. My body can't handle it anymore!
  • Spend time with your partner. This could be date night, weekly devotions, walking, restaurant meals or whatever you enjoy together. We are soaking up every minute.
  • Spend time alone, shopping or reading or doing something you love, without interruption. Because change is coming!
  • Wait for a table at your favorite restaurant. Because it probably won't be as easy when you have a little one.
  • Plan dinner and ice cream dates with friends. The last couple months have been filled with dinner dates and one-on-ones with friends. It's a lot easier to make time for these now.

Things I Still Want to Do

  • Get a hair cut.
  • Get a pedicure. I want my toes to look good when I'm pushing that baby out!
  • Get a pregnancy massage. This is something I always thought I would want but didn't feel like I needed until 34 weeks. Now I totally want one every day, but I'm trying to wait it out until I am full-term so they can go at my pressure points and maybe induce labor. :)

I suppose I should try to do nice things for myself after baby comes, too...that sounds a lot harder!

What do you think about push presents? Have you heard of this? It's a gift the father gives to the mother before, during or after delivery. I can see myself buying a somewhat expensive clothing item (maybe a new pair of jeans or a silk blouse) to celebrate my new/old body, and I know my sister has a little something for me, too (the same thing I got for her last year). :)