two years.

two years ago today i posted my very first outfit. it was simple, comfortable and very me. two years later, i've got a new job, a baby and am still experimenting with my style. although i do still wear that first outfit. it's a good one. i got a sweet email from a reader a couple weeks ago, encouraging me to continue posting my outfits. i do intend to keep it up, albeit a slower pace. we just don't find the time to take photos much anymore. and if you do any style blogging of your own, you may understand what i mean when i say that at times it feels so silly and vain.

thanks for continuing to visit this space and care about what i'm doing. i write multiple times a week at words of williams, so feel free to check that out. i know it's not the same as a light-hearted outfit post, but that's where my heart is right now.