Wednesdays With Rooney

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Today is my first Wednesday at home with Rooney! If you haven't heard, I got a new job working four days a week at our church. It's pretty awesome. Eric nearly fell on the floor when he realized I get 52 extra days off per year. Poor guy is kind of jealous.

On Wednesdays I plan to do a couple chores and/or an errand or two, snuggle with Roo, and let her get her naps while I take care of the house! Even start dinner for Eric and I! I think it will be just enough margin in my life to feel like I have a better handle on things.

Why Wednesdays?

  • It's smack in the middle of the workweek, and provides relief to spend time with Rooney and be more involved in her daily upbringing. (I used to cry every other Friday night - like clockwork! - from missing her so much.)
  • I'll be doing the bulk of our grocery shopping, and our Hy-Vee Health Market offers 10% off on Wednesdays. Bonus!
  • No holidays fall on Wednesdays. Which means I'll get paid for all holidays and still get those days off.

Just a few things to think about if you are hoping to cut hours. If I was working 20 hours I think I'd work Monday, Tuesday and a half day on Friday.

Do you work part-time? What is your schedule like?

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