11 weeks

when: sunday, aug. 21, 2011

what i wore:

  • sunglasses: gift, modern amusement
  • necklace: gift, lisa leonard
  • dress: urban outfitters
  • belt: american eagle
  • watch: c/o TIKKR
  • shoes: TOMS

where: iowa state fair

can you see that little baby bump peeking out? eric says i’m barely showing, but i’m still so proud of it and hope that everyone who sees me can tell that i’m sharing my midsection with a precious little lime.

i wore this to the iowa state fair over the weekend. it’s a tricky thing dressing for the fair, because i always care how i look, so it’s a game to look like i really don’t.

the fair can be dusty and muddy, and of course there’s lots of walking. so i wore minimal makeup, a low messy pony and sunglasses. i threw on a casual dress to beat the heat, a watch because i didn’t have a pocket for my phone and some comfy but cute shoes. i typically don’t pick a color palette but i thought it would be fun to stick to white accessories.

we had a great time looking at the photography contest winners, checking out the biggest animals and also watching the tenth avenue north concert. my favorite part, though, is the FOOD. here’s what i ate:

  • corn dog
  • cheese curds
  • three lemonades
  • strawberry smoothie
  • giant pickle
  • ribbon fries with cheese dip (my favorite of the day!)
  • mini donuts

baby loved it.