13 weeks

this dress was so dreamy that we went to three different h&m stores to find my size in this color (and minneapolis is not like new york city where there is one on every street). it was totally worth it. it’s similar to the smock dress i posted last week, but the $25 price tag was more appealing than $65. (however, looking at these photos, it would be great if it was a little longer…)

i got to thinking about the fact that no one else will probably ever wear this exact same outfit. i may not have even worn it if i wasn’t limited to the items i had packed for our weekend trip. i had three pairs of tights with and — believe it or not — these matched the best (my other choices were mint and peach). i wore it to church without the blazer, but fall has officially arrived in minnesota and i definitely needed another layer for our afternoon adventures.

isn’t that kind of fun to think about, though? i’m only wearing a handful of items, but it’s doubtful that someone else would have all the same items and pair them in this exact way.

outfit details:

  • necklace: gift, lisa leonard
  • blazer: heritage 1981
  • dress: h&m
  • tights: we love colors (olive green)
  • boots: simply vera vera wang via kohl’s

random pregnancy notes…

  • i’ve gathered my thoughts on why we chose a midwife.
  • check out my four favorite pregnancy apps. {you can totally download them even if you’re not pregnant yet — i did.}
  • read how the 1st trimester affected our marriage.
  • the 2nd trimester hormones have arrived and i am feeling so happy and beautiful about my growing belly.
  • breathing for two is harder than i thought it would be.
  • all the pregnancy sites are telling me about how by this point my breasts have gone through a growth spurt. still waiting on that one…
  • we are very eager to find out what we’re having! hopefully we’ll be able to at the end of october.