fancy pajamas


Finch's outfit:

bib: c/o Copper Pearl
onesie: H&M
leggings: Thief & Bandit Bounty
moccasins: Sassy Steals


my outfit:

sweatshirt: Madewell
T-shirt: Madewell
sweatpants: Schoola
shoes: J.Crew


Wednesday is my day at home with the kids! I've been known to say it's the best and hardest day of the week. I love my job, but this is such a great break in my week. I spend the day washing clothes, playing with "Elsa" (Rooney), crawling after Finch, wiping noses and bottoms, FaceTiming with my mom, watching movies, and sometimes play-dating with friends. I feel my best when I get dressed and ready before Eric leaves in the morning, but there's nothing wrong with wearing "fancy" pajamas all day!


P.S. You can get these sweatpants (originally priced $195 - what?!) for $10 by clicking here, creating a Schoola account and receiving $20 credit, and then purchasing.