conversations with Rooney // 13


Rooney: "Mom what's that scary thing?"
Me: "Oh, that looks scary doesn't it? It's just a shadow of that chair, so you don't have to be afraid."
Rooney: "And God will save me!"

"Queso. That's a fancy word for cheese!"

Rooney: "Mom how's your life?"
Me: "Great! How's your life?"
Rooney: "Pretty sorry."

"Mom, I love you but you are not funny. Only daddy is funny."

Listening to the rain outside: "It sounds like cereal! Like when the cereal moves around the bowl."

"Dear God, thank you for all the snow on the road. Please help us to not bonk any cars. Amen."

"I need a secret from your ear."

Rooney: "I have a joke. Knock knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
Rooney: "Peanut butter sandwich."
Me: "Peanut butter sandwich who?
Rooney: "Banana!"

"Finchy, don't swallow me!"

"I think I like daddy better, because daddy knows where he's going. Mom, I don't think you're very good at driving. Daddy is better at driving than you are."

"Mom, can Finchy share my bathroom when he grows up?"

Rooney: "Finch doesn't like elephants because they're too loud."
Me: "Oh yeah? Did he tell you that?"
Rooney: "No, I told him that!"

At 4:45 am: "Can monsters come in to my house? Some dinosaurs eat meat but I didn't know if they use plates. Do they use plates? What does it look like when you die? Why did dinosaurs die? Are dinosaurs in heaven? If you go to real jail, daddy will try to save you, right?"

"God is the best person that ever was!"

"Heaven is kind of scary because there are dinosaurs." 

"Thank you God, please help all the people that you know are sick to feel better until my birthday."

"After you eat, your potty goes up to your head, then down in your leg, then down the nother leg, then you just poop it out."

Rooney: "Mommy you made me on your wedding, right, not Finchy?"
Me: "Uhh... I didn't make anyone on my wedding."
Rooney: "Yes you did! Mommies make babies on their wedding."