20 weeks

thanks for all the love you sent in the past couple days via the comments section and on twitter regarding my presentation at work! it went just fine and i’m so glad it’s over!

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  • can you believe how much i grew in the past week? the baby is the length of a cantaloupe now!
  • i’ve got to say that i’m really starting to fall in love with this little one. a big part of that bonding is that now…
  • i’ve started to feel it move! i used to only be able to feel it when i was laying on my stomach or pushed in really close to my desk at work. now i can feel it when i’m just sitting on the couch or laying in bed. my favorite is waking up to little baby kicks in the morning. it is so adorable. sometimes it’s so light that it tickles/itches. i can’t wait for eric to be able to feel it, too!
  • is there such a thing as a mid-pregnancy crisis? i had my first emotional pregnancy moment. you know how people say pregnant women cry a lot? well, i’ve been just fine…until one day last week. i was tired. i didn’t like my outfit, or my hair. i didn’t feel like myself and there were a few things i was nervous and stressed out about. having this little babe is going to be wonderful but it also brings with it lots of things to figure out. needless to say i was overwhelmed! and yes, i cried. so then eric rubbed my back and took me to my favorite restaurant.
  • because of the baby’s growth this week, i’ve experienced some round ligament pain that is, well, quite painful. sometimes there are SHARP pains in my side and i can’t hardly stand up straight! and then i wonder how labor and contractions could be any worse. ha! :)
  • we find out TOMORROW if we’re having a boy or a girl! there will be almost 30 people watching us find out…including some dear friends who are traveling a few hours to be there. can you tell i’m excited? i’ll be sure to announce the news here next week, or you can check our lifestyle blog this weekend!