2016 style goals


Rooney's outfit:

shirt: crewcuts c/o ThredUP
pants: Gap Kids via Schoola
shoes: Target


my outfit:

necklace: Jen Loves Kev Etsy shop
shirt: Madewell c/o ThredUP
pants: Level 99
shoes: Target (old)


There's not much better than dressing up in matching "shirts with skirts" with your daughter and having fun taking photos together! What a dream come true.

I feel like I'm sort of in a funk with my style ... which I think is pretty normal after having a baby. It happened to me both times, anyway. Even after I lose the weight, my hips are still widened, my hair is falling out and because of those darn hormones I just don't feel quite like myself. This time around, breastfeeding has also limited what I can wear. This absolutely affects my thought-process when getting dressed. I'm responsible for getting two small kids to school each day, which includes bending over and buckling car seats and handing breakfast bars to the back seat. I have to think about the fact that I will be carrying a baby up stairs and on ice-covered sidewalks, and that I have the potential to be covered in spit up, snot and drool (so my clothes need to wash up well and not require dry cleaning or ironing). Heels are absolutely out of the question. That's the reality of my lifestyle, and I'm totally fine with it (although it will be nice to throw on a dress when we're no longer breastfeeding).

I'm planning to do a major closet overhaul this year (Marie Kondo style), only keeping the pieces that hold up with my constant washing/drying and items that bring me joy. Madewell is a brand I've worn almost daily for the past four years and totally fits a lot of my criteria. So when I saw this Madewell top on ThredUP for less than $20, I had to try it. But FYI - peplum is all fun and games until you have to breastfeed :-)

Other 2016 style goals...

  1. Find an amazing pair of jeans. I wear these Level 99 black jeans every day, they fit amazing and are guaranteed to not fade. But I'd like to also get a pair of blue denim with a great wash. I've had my eye on H&M, Level 99, Madewell or Baldwin, but haven't found the right pair yet. What high rise skinnies do you love?
  2. Fall in love with a swimsuit. I need a suit that's appropriate for someone who's carrying or running after small children. I think I've found the one - currently waiting for it to arrive! (And a matching one for Roo!)
  3. Try something new. I used to take lots of risks. And while sometimes I look back at my outfits and am like What was I thinking?, many times it pays off. I think I could stand to challenge myself with a pair of overalls, a pantsuit or a panama hat.

I'd also love to help Rooney find her own style. She used to wear whatever I bought her, but now she has opinions of her own (bonus points if it has a princess on it). Do I just need to take her shopping? I feel like that would be quite the long and stressful experience, as she seems to want everything when we step foot in Target! Those of you with older kids - I need your advice!