24 weeks

it was totally a hooded sweatshirt type of ... week.

when: tuesday, nov. 22, 2011

what i wore:

sweatshirt: american apparel

tunic: american apparel (you can barely see it poking out the bottom of my sweatshirt)

jeggings: american eagle

shoes: toms

where: work

i’ve grown a lot, haven’t i?!

  • new symptom of the week: heartburn. luckily those little tums do amazing things.
  • i love getting to know our baby’s sleep patterns, and i smile and internally say good morning to her when she wakes up with a big stretch.
  • her movements have gotten so much stronger this week! they say that this is the peak week of activity (because there is still room in there)…and i believe it!
  • putting on, taking off and tying my shoes is getting tougher. the other night i didn’t even attempt it myself and instead asked eric if he’d be able to do it. he is a good man.
  • did you know that our bodies are smart enough to give the baby all the nutrients we take in before we benefit from them? how amazing is that?
  • my emotional health has been very unstable lately. between stress at work, trying to sell our house and preparing for the holidays, i am feeling quite worried and overwhelmed about getting everything ready for our little girl and also the responsibility of motherhood. (any tips?!)
  • do you read the posts on our family blog, words of williams? we’ve started to eat better in our house to prepare for this little baby! and we also attended a marriage retreat last weekend to make sure we’re on the same page before this huge adjustment!