25 weeks

when: tuesday, nov. 29, 2011

what i wore:

blouse: broadway & broome via madewell

cardigan: wallace via madewell

necklace: urban outfitters

jeggings: american eagle

shoes: minnetonka via dsw

where: work, life group 

let me introduce you to a few of my souvenir clothes from our trip! we went shopping in georgetown on our last day in d.c. (outfit post coming next week) and i scored big time at madewell. they extended their after-thanksgiving sales and i got 25% off everything. this cardigan was more than 70% off and now i wish i would have gotten more than two of them. :) it’s on sale online, but for more than twice what i paid.

isn’t the green blouse and pumpkin cardigan a fun color combo? i love how it’s a little grandma-esque (especially with these shoes) but still chic. i bought these moccasins the night before we flew out (per your recommendations) so i’d have some comfy stylish shoes to walk around in! i love them!

belly stuff:

  • i noticed my linea nigra for the first time this week. it’s a faint line that runs down vertically from my belly button and apparently it will go away eventually.
  • i can’t live without my fiber one bars! they’re amazing. ‘nuff said.
  • this week i ordered something with her name stitched on it…am i crazy? i mean what if she is really a boy? or if we change our minds?! we love her name so i’m hoping neither of those things happen.
  • her kicks really surprise me sometimes! i get motion sickness pretty easily (especially if i am too hot), and her big movements this week sometimes make me wonder if i’m riding a roller coaster!
  • some discomfort is setting in…mostly in my back. it’s getting more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, to sleep or work and ignore the fact that a little someone is constantly kicking me in the stomach (not that i don’t love it), and to find room for the belly while cuddling with eric, etc.
  • we wrote more letters to our baby this week.
  • only 15 weeks to go until my life is changed completely…