30 things I'm grateful for in April

  1. When guac is not extra
  2. The lady who let me and Finch go in front of her at the Urgent Care clinic
  3. Seeing my kids hang onto hands in the back of the van
  4. Belly laughing with Rooney
  5. Snapchat face lenses (I'm kelseycwilliams on there)
  6. Toy Blast app (not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that I'm on level 382)
  7. Five consecutive workdays without a sick kid (followed by several weeks of good health for Finch!)
  8. Rooney's health this winter...she was our rock
  9. "Neon Steeple" album by Crowder
  10. Eric teaching me how to play cribbage
  11. A lunch date with Eric
  12. A great meeting with our financial planner...it's good to get perspective when you feel stuck in the day-to-day
  13. Sleeping on clean sheets
  14. Seeing Finch's first smile every morning after I nurse him
  15. Hearing birds chirping outside
  16. Pizza Hut chocolate chip cookie pizza
  17. Italian sausage and beef lasagna from Costco
  18. Google...what would we do without it???
  19. Eric folding the laundry for me
  20. Free froyo day at Orange Leaf
  21. Crawling back into bed with Rooney at 6:00 am after feeding Finch
  22. Blossoming trees
  23. Fuzzy's Taco Shop
  24. 75-degree weather
  25. Double strollers
  26. Meeting Instagram friends in real life
  27. Zara baby trousers
  28. A hotel swimming weekend with my family
  29. When my sister steals my baby...it's nice to have a break and I know he's in good hands
  30. That Eric jumped on the Gilmore Girls train (we just started season 6!)