31 things I'm grateful for in October

  1. A fun concert date night with Eric
  2. The anticipation of new iPhones (should be arriving on Monday!)
  3. Baby Vans
  4. Waitresses that thank me for breastfeeding in their restaurant
  5. Nine years of marriage
  6. A surprise dinner out with Eric on our anniversary
  7. A fun family day at a local orchard
  8. Naps
  9. Hearing Rooney pray
  10. A beautiful morning for family photos
  11. Baseball caps
  12. Retail stores and restaurants within walking distance of our house
  13. Drive-thrus
  14. A new purse
  15. Selling our old iPhones for $250 (we've sold to Gazelle several times) 
  16. A hilarious borrowed Halloween costume for Finch
  17. Enjoying a bowl of ice cream before bed
  18. A surprise Laffy Taffy delivery
  19. Exersaucers
  20. Laughing with my coworkers
  21. Finch getting over his cold
  22. Baby swings
  23. Waiters who clean up spills
  24. A birthday dinner with my mom
  25. Minted Christmas cards
  26. Leaves turning colors
  27. Rolos
  28. Watching Rooney draw
  29. When our moms come to visit
  30. Breast pumps
  31. Being able to volunteer at Rooney's preschool Halloween party