37 weeks


dress / 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (non-maternity)
leggings / Ingrid & Isabel
shoes / Target

  • How far along: 37 weeks
  • What's new: We made it to full-term! Such a relief after being in the hospital at 27 weeksI am seeing my midwives weekly now and also continuing weekly non-stress tests. I am measuring right on but have not been checked. I occasionally have menstrual-type cramps, so I feel like things are starting! With Rooney I was 3 cm dilated already! My midwife said they could check me next week if I want, even though it's not a great indicator of when I'll go into labor (they do not do routine checks until 40 weeks).
  • To do this week:
    • Pick up glider from my sister (we are borrowing it for a while)
    • Paint canvas for the nursery
    • Install baby car seat
    • Pamper myself: prenatal massage, pedicure, haircut and color, eyebrow wax
    • Staycation babymoon with Eric (my sister is taking Rooney for a few days!)
  • Baby's size: 6ish pounds
  • Total weight gain: 25 pounds
  • Baby's heart rate: 140 bpm
  • Maternity clothes: My thighs have nearly outgrown my maternity jeans. My belly is outgrowing the full panel as well. I still feel good in dresses and leggings!
  • Gender: Boy
  • Symptoms:
    • Leg cramps (one night it was so bad that I asked Eric to rub Lavender oil on them before bed and it helped so much!)
    • Itchy belly
    • Abdominal/back cramps
  • Sleep: I have started to sleep with a pillow behind my back for extra support. I stay up way too late on my phone every night, shopping for baby clothes and reading my pregnancy apps, etc. I will probably be kicking myself when he comes for not sleeping more, but it helps me process through everything that is going on, have a little time to myself and feel more prepared.
  • What I miss: Fitting in booths at restaurants. Being the fun parent. :-) But really, I am actually feeling very nostalgic about this being the last time I am pregnant. I love feeling his kicks throughout the day!
  • Cravings: Qdoba 3-Cheese Nachos
  • Nursery update: I am waiting for some pieces from The Land of Nod to arrive, as well as our blackout shade! I'm also hoping to paint a canvas for his room this weekend. You can check out the canvas we painted for Rooney's nursery here (still my most popular post ever!).
  • Mommy thoughts:
    • Last time at this point I was going to bed at 7:15 pm...ha! Rooney doesn't go to bed until at least 8:00 pm (and sometimes doesn't fall asleep until 9:00 or 10:00. Pregnancy is very different with a toddler.
    • I am hoping he will stay inside until June, but with the way I am feeling I wonder if he has other plans!
    • This article on postnatal depletion is fascinating. I'm so glad I came across it! After Rooney was born, I lost a lot of weight very quickly and physically felt so depleted and weak, which, especially when combined with sleep deprivation, made it very hard to keep up with breastfeeding. I am very passionate about maternal health - physical, mental, emotional - after baby is born, when the focus often switches from mom to baby. Growing a baby is hard work on mom!