my sunglasses collection

ok guys. i have to tell you about these awesome sunglasses by baumvision.

i’ve got four pairs that i wear all. year. round. (because you know you need them most when there’s snow on the ground.) eric has three pairs of his own and we are both in love with them. especially their colored plastics and signature double bridges on the nose.

the designer, shane baum, grew up in the same teeny tiny iowa town as eric, and we’ve been able to get to know him because he’s a cousin of two of our best friends. he actually helped me pick out my third pair (the aviators) and that was such a cool experience.

shane has designed eyewear for many companies, including louis vuitton, modern amusement, original penguin and paul frank. numerous celebrities have been seen wearing his frames. they are handmade and sturdy and amazing. and they all have really cool names. :)

(yes, this is me trying to impress you. because i have a surprise for you next week!)

*i have not paid retail for these sunglasses. the first pair i got for $10 (i think they are discontinued), the second two were received as gifts from friends and the last pair was won on twitter. more info on that next week!