on the runway: big hair ball 2011 "glitter and grease"

i had a great time this past weekend at the big hair ball! i love modeling and i felt so lucky to participate in this awesome event. my stylist did an amazing job, and i really hope i can do it again next time! (check out photos from last time.)

in this runway show for hair creativity, i modeled for bella salons and spa in their performance of “the rabbit and the crow”:

the two characters—one black as coal, the other white as diamond—together create a disturbed medley that shows how we merge the brightest day and darkest night. every coal has a diamond hidden underneath and our goal is to make it shine.

jess braided my hair so she could then sew on the long fake hair:

jess giving it a good tease:

after two hours of of teasing, hair spray and feathers, the hair is done!

another hour later, makeup and costume are finished and i’m ready to go!

on the runway:

afterward, posing with my stylist, jess, and with eric:

what do you think? i hope i didn’t scare you away!