Rooney, 32 months


clothing size: 2T-4T

  • 3T-4T tops
  • 2T-3T bottoms

diaper size: 5
shoe size: 9-10


  • Can spell her name correctly! R-O-O-N-E-Y
  • Can recognize A, L, N, O, R, U, W, Y
  • Started sleeping with her Cabbage Patch Doll
  • Is often asking "What we gonna do tonight?" or "Where we gonna go?"
  • Can take off her socks by herself
  • Has one pair of boots she can put on and take off by herself (which has been a total life-changer for both of us)
  • Can open doors
  • Loves to find the moon
  • Dressed up as a bumble bee for Halloween
  • Had her first school picture day


My favorite thing right now is how she says smoothie. It's "moosie." I love it! I also love how any previous time is considered "yesterday" (like a month ago or just earlier today). But mostly she amazes me by speaking in correct phrases. She says things like:

  • "Mom, what color you favorite like?"
  • "Put your arm pits up!"
  • "Sorry! I forget you." (forgive)
  • "Daddy, can I go to the park please?"
  • "Will you read books with me when you're done?"
  • "Daddy! You put my pumpkin outside yesterday."
  • "Calm down, Carson!"
  • "Mommy, don't touch me!"
  • "Those are ready to go to nana's and papa's, OK?"
  • "I'm going nigh-nigh with Jesus."
  • "Daddy what'd you say?"
  • "I like that guy singing 'Farmer in the Dell!'"
  • "That's not Anna. That's Elsa. She sings 'Let It Go.'"
  • "Bye-bye, bus! We're going this way."


  • Would eat macaroni & cheese for every meal if we let her.
  • I get emails occasionally about Rooney's milk situation, so I thought I'd provide an update. When Rooney turned 1, we switched her from formula to organic cow's milk. But, for whatever reason, we noticed she was more gassy after the switch, so we didn't stick with that for long (maybe a few weeks?). We then switched to coconut milk mostly (or goat's milk when I found some at Walmart while we were on vacation). I felt a lot more comfortable giving her coconut milk than cow's milk, so I knew in my gut it was the right switch for us. So, then we gave her water and milk at each meal, but we realized that she didn't drink the milk that much and was preferring water, and the milk would go to waste. So we stopped serving it to her! So now she only drinks water at home. However, she does still get cow's milk once a day at school.


  • Will read books on her own, but loves to be read to. I find this to be a very exhausting part of motherhood...reading the same books over and over!
  • Likes the TinyHands sorting apps on the iPad
  • Got a new dollhouse (it was made by Eric's late grandpa many years ago)


  • Bedtime: 7:30 pm
  • Waketime: 7:30 am
  • Naptime: 1:00 pm
  • Nap duration: 1.5-3 hours

Rooney's beloved sleep sack has had holes for months, and after several attempts by grandma to sew it back together, Rooney FINALLY has allowed us to put her in a "new" sleep sack. It's the exact same, just newer. I bought it like a year ago, but she has always been able to tell the difference because one was more worn than the other, and she never let us put her in the new one -- til now. She will be outgrowing it soon though!

Another huge breakthrough is that her pacifier does not come out of her crib anymore! We have also gotten firmer and she no longer gets out of her crib after she goes in there for the night. She usually falls asleep on her own, but if she is talking for a while and then stands up in her crib, we will just go in and sing "Jesus Loves Me" with her, and then she will lay down again and go to sleep. We feel like super heros after making this switch.


  • Had 102.7 fever :( I will say this was probably her quickest fever ever (lasting just a few hours), and least stressful. Maybe it was because Eric's mom was at our house at the time so we had extra hands, but it just didn't seem like as big of a deal as it usually does.
  • Started taking a daily vitamin/supplement.
  • Takes a bath twice a week - and finally likes it! This has been so huge for us. She will stay in the bath almost too long now! We have to convince her to get out in time before bedtime.
  • We still see the chiropractor every week.
  • Went potty on the potty once, at school. She has also been practicing pulling her pants up and down.
  • Likes to have ice packs on her "owies."


You bring so much joy to our lives! You are learning so much right now and saying new phrases every day! Most of the time, daddy and I just stare at each other with big eyes because you are always surprising us with what you can do and say. You have such a big heart and like to follow the rules. You have mastered a lot of new skills this month that have made life a little smoother - you can turn on lights and open doors and take off your shoes and bring me your dirty laundry and throw away your diapers. You love to make us laugh. Thank you for teaching us as much as we teach you.


P.S. You'll always be my baby!

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