family photo time capsule // 2018

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen

photo by Shandy Mikkelsen

Every year we take a family picture in front of this graffiti wall at our church. When Eric and I snapped the first one using a point-and-shoot camera propped on the back of our Jeep (see below!), we had no intention of making this a yearly thing. We now have eight photos in our collection, and it's a fun way to see how our family has changed over the years.

When I look at this year's photo, here's what comes to mind:

  • Eric (34): bullet-journaler, hopes to bike 1,000 miles this year, has decided to start down the path to becoming a Certified Financial Planner, reading his 15th book of the year
  • Finch (3): can spell his name and make anyone laugh, is mildly interested in potty-training (or at least the PEZ reward), president of the hummus fan club
  • Rooney (6): kindergarten graduate, loves math and reading, has a PhD in big sisterhood
  • Kelsey (34): has exercised more in the past six months than the past 10 years, jumpsuit-obsessed, still can’t quit these shoes

See all eight photos in the slideshow below!