summer bucket list 2018


Rooney casually threw out "Disney World" and "Disneyland" when I asked her what she wanted to do this summer ... so hopefully she's not disappointed with this list! Haha.

Summer officially starts next week, but we've already gotten a jump start, enjoying the warmer weather!

  1. Okoboji (hopefully four times!)
  2. Family bike rides
  3. My favorite: Black Cat Ice Cream
  4. Strawberry picking
  5. Peach picking
  6. Annual family time capsule photo
  7. Let the kids stay up late
  8. Eat supper on the deck
  9. Spontaneous sno cones
  10. Hot air balloon festival
  11. Eat a crepe at the farmers’ market
  12. Cousin swim day
  13. Rent a cabin at Jester Park
  14. Check out a new splash park (and revisit our favorites)
  15. Evening boat ride
  16. Find an ice cream truck
  17. Swim at the beach
  18. Walk to the park in our pajamas
  19. Make fresh lemonade
  20. Have a water fight
  21. Watch a parade (or two)
  22. Try a new ice cream spot (or two)
  23. Check out a new park (or three)

We picked four pounds of strawberries this past weekend, and we actually paid for them before any were eaten, which hasn't happened in the past! Ages 3 and 6 is pretty darn fun. I think it's going to be a great summer! ♡