my "abnormal placenta"

I told you in our gender reveal post that everything looked good with the baby at our ultrasound - which is true - but I did receive a phone call from my midwife that my placenta was an "unusual shape," so I had a repeat ultrasound last week, and Eric and I met with a perinatologist (an OB who deals with high-risk and complicated pregnancies) this week to go over the results.

To cut to the chase, there are a couple things going on:

  1. Marginal cord insertion: The umbilical cord is attached to the side of my placenta instead of in the middle.

  2. Circumvallate placenta: This is extremely rare, and I know what mine looks like after reviewing it with the perinatologist, but I'm not sure how to describe it. It is usually an oval or circle shape, and mine is more of a half moon with a cord that connects the two edges. It just didn't form "properly."

Possible complications:

  • Decreased nutrition for baby

  • Low birth weight

  • Placental abruption

  • Preterm rupture of membranes

  • Preterm labor

Even though those things sound (and are) very serious and scary, and I spent several days worrying and crying, we have been reassured by doctors so far that his growth is fine, and most of the time these conditions do not cause any problems (and can even go away by the time the baby is born). I will, however, have extra ultrasounds to access baby's growth and keep a watch on it closely. I am so glad that as of now we are doing well and I able to continue care with my midwives (and I can still encapsulate my placenta!).

I am 22 weeks today and eating as healthy as I can to boost the chances of his proper nutrition...please pray he stays in there for four more months!

Has anyone else dealt with this before?