happy halloween!


Halloween is so much fun with little kids! We had the best time yesterday for Beggars' Night (aka trick-or-treating).

Rooney wanted to be Ariel again, which was completely fine with me. We added the wig and fork (I mean Dinglehopper) this year to take it up a notch. She looked awesome! The wig just makes me crack up!


And Finch...haha. I love the strongman costume and it fits his body/personality so well. We made his barbell following these instructions. The mustache is just some eyeliner that I drew on.


This year we started what I hope will be a yearly tradition: our friends brought over their four girls and three pizzas for supper and then we all went around our neighborhood together! Finch lasted an hour and the girls lasted almost two before they were complaining of sore legs. I'm so proud - Rooney never once complained about her wig!


Some years in Iowa it is sooo cold for trick-or-treating, but it was 50+ degrees and not breezy at all. It felt so wonderful to be out. Our neighborhood is really great. Lots of people sit in their driveways and hand out candy, one house had popcorn and apple cider, one guy was serving adult beverages from a pumpkin with a dispenser, one house had full-size candy bars, many houses are decorated, and there are lots of adults and kids - and dogs! - in costume.


Finch had an absolute blast. He is such an extrovert, he had fun saying "Hi!" to everyone he saw. He ran from house to house to keep up with the older girls, and wouldn't let anyone carry his heavy candy bucket. It was hilarious! My favorite part, though, was that he ran up to each garage door to pose for a photo like we had done at our house before we started. :-)

Rooney was bummed she didn't get to hand out any candy, but she was having so much fun getting candy that we ran out of time. Also, I don't think I ever posted our fun front door that Rooney helped me make. She did all the cutting!


And just for fun, here's a look back at some of our past Halloween costumes:

Eric and I didn't dress up this year, but I think a family costume would be fun...maybe next year we'll all be Ninja Turtles!