buy my clothes on ThredUp

A few weeks ago I sent two full bags of my old clothes to ThredUp. They kept 12 items for a total of $65.35 - an average of $5.45 per item. Many of the items have sold, but I wanted to let you know that these three are still available.

If you're new to ThredUp, be sure to use this link first to get $10 credit!

Banana Republic Vest - size 6 - $22.49
Worn on the blog hereherehere and here


Gap Skirt - size 0 (fits like a 4 or 6) - $9.99
Worn on the blog here, here, here, here and here

Madewell Hi Line Long Sleeve T-Shirt - size M - $13.99
Never worn on the blog, but this is the same shirt in a different color

The selling process was smooth and the payout was worth it to me because I didn't have to take them to a local consignment shop or sell them on Instagram and ship them off individually (I keep going back and forth on creating an Instagram shop...). I wasn't wearing these things anymore so I'll gladly take the money to spend on something new! I do know some people who have tried selling at ThredUp and haven't been happy with the results, but I had a good experience.

Updated to add: Here's where you can request a bag to send in your clothes, and here's a list of what they do and do not take. I think if you follow their "rules" you'll get better results!

Has anyone else bought from or sold to ThredUp?