snappy new year!


Happy new year! Can you believe it's almost 2017? I still feel like I just graduated high school, but my 15-year reunion is coming up this summer. (Whoa.)

During our annual family meeting, Eric and I were able to review our past year. 2016 was hard, but good. (Is that true for you, too?) I really think it's remarkable to look back at all that was accomplished in a year, so here we go!


  1. Fall family photos
  2. 2016 style goals
  3. The best jeans you've never heard of
  4. Going from 1 to 2 kids
  5. Our first trip to the ER
  6. On sleep training
  7. 2017 family meeting
  8. 3 is...
  9. Remember me?
  10. Planning a donut birthday party


  • 4 day dates (Eric and I try to do these every quarter and they are our FAVORITE)
  • 3 summer trips to Okoboji
  • 56 blog posts published! This is my happy place, and I appreciate every single person who reads. It was super fun to collaborate with Copper Pearl, Minted (2x), Boon, Hy-Vee, Mainstream Boutique and Whole Foods this year!
  • Finch sleeping through the night!
  • Family trip to Minneapolis (blog post to come)
  • 10th wedding anniversary & weekend trip to Omaha (blog post to come)
  • Surprising Eric with Garth Brooks tickets
  • A day at the Iowa State Fair
  • Visiting the Grotto of the Redemption (blog post to come)
  • Making progress on our basement project (update coming soon)
  • Discovering our love for pancake breakfasts
  • Rooney's bedtime routine making huge improvement
  • Finch turning 1 & becoming more independent
  • Eric and I giving each other "time off" from parenting (I hope to write a separate post about this soon)
  • Eric passing the Series 65 exam!

We also felt like we did a good job with date nights this year, although I can only count a handful of them on my calendar. But that is definitely still better than we've done in the past few years!


  • Finch's ER visit & two-day hospital stay (and the fact that we are still paying the bill...)
  • The unexpected cost of our washer going out (although I love our new one!)
  • My grandparents' declining health


  • Publish 60 blog posts
  • Continue reading one chapter of the Bible every morning (at this rate I won't finish the Bible until next year, though!)
  • Have adventures and make lots of family memories. YOLO!